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We offer to high school students cooperation in the form of completing high school practise, which can then develop into more permanent cooperation. We allow IT students and others (who do not have the opportuinty to do school practice) to attend a part-time job. Beginning developers will find employment with and emphasis on further education and deepening of skills so that they can naturally move to senior positions. We provide stability, diversity and the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process for experienced developers. We have testers in our team as well.

Career and internship


We will be happy to teach talented trainees interested in programming and testing of web applications eve more! If the collaboration works, we can help not only with their first career steps in the field.

Especially university and high school students, who have better time options, can learn a lot from us and even improve on their student budget. Only prior programming knowledge is required.

We will be happy to talk individually with everyone to find out, if they are already ready, or if it is still not enough for us :) If we agree that we could try it, we will start working together. This is a great opportunity to get knowledge about the daily routine of the developer and can make it easier to decide on a future career path.


This position is flexible with hours and days, and averages 20 hours per week. Intern will enjoy his or her own workspace and computer with 2-3 screens, opportunity to work remotely and practicing your skills with help of our team!



For whom is the program suitable?

  • students of computer science or computer engineering-related education background

  • people with knowledge of PHP, MySQL or React

We would like to see evidence that you can:

  • analyze a problem, take a view and come to a decision

  • communicate with a team

  • stick with a task

  • come up with ideas

What will it bring to you?

In our internship program you will be a real part of the team, working with our experts and learning about the industry, our clients, our firm and a specific area of it.

You will find out how the e-shop works, how is it developed and everything about the operation of the shopping gallery (eg. banking, logistics, services, design, etc.).

We are ready to help you with your career!

If you want to learn how to program, you can choose from our courses for the public - they are also suitable for students.

Our job offers

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