ATELI group just celebrated 8 years in e-commerce. We grow up by 70 % yearly ♥  And we want to grow more but we need you to help us. We need more talented developers, who can become a part of our e-commerce projects ShipGratis.

Our team is formed into 5 developers + testers. In the office you can also meet our handsome assistants.


Personal development and learning is very important for all of us and we have all the support for that thanks to free working hours. We help to each other on daily basis and we share our ideas.


We are not only Czech developers, you can also meet our colleagues form Central Eastern Europe.

We can offer to you a space for your hobbies or family. Many of us are fathers and we are glad we can bring our family to corporate events.

Who are we?

Our residence - Habrmannka, that's how we call our workspace. We can boast with a new beautiful conference room and constant effort to make the most eco office possible.


We also have our own garden, where you can rest, eat, work or just sunbath. 🙂

We realize how important a peronal approach is. We've removed all unnecessary restrictions. So you can make your own working hours.


You can also work from your home but we would like to see you sometimes. 🙂 We are open to talk about everything so just come and talk with us.

Where can you find us?

The benefits of working with us

  •  we contribute to open source projects (Magento CE)    

  • air-conditioned offices

  • free corporate culture

  • super friendly team

  • code review in the development process

  • space to refactor and write automated tests

  • work without senseless bureaucracy and approval processes     

Our assistants will pamper you. 🙂 It's up to you how many cups of coffee or tea you can handle. 🙂 And how do you know it's Monday? Simply - fresh food prepared on your table. On Tuesday we supplement vitamins and strengthen immunity, on Wednesday and Friday we enjoy healthy snacks. And sometimes we have some sweetness or ice cream. For lunch we go to nearby restaurants, use cheap food delivery or cook right in our garden.

If you are active and like fun, you don’t just have to meet us in the office. You can go with us play laser game, try out the virtual reality (HTC Vive), conquer the escape room or play some computer games (like CS 🙂).

And of course, we are from Pilsen and we love beer!

What we can offer

  • work on a successful and growing e-commerce portal

  • gaining experience in the development of the world-wide popular Magento e-commerce platform

  • salary 2.300-3.100 €/month (110€/MD - 145€/MD)

  • salary growth

  • business car for private purposes

  • height-adjustable table, 2-3 monitors

  • daily drinks, breakfast, snacks, fruit

  • employee discount on the purchase of goods

  • teambuildings and social events

  • your own working hours

  • home-office

What we want for it?

  • knowledge of PHP 7.x, MySQL, HTML5, JS, CSS

  • English, Czech or Slovak language

  • experience with GIT or other systems can be your advantage

  • experience with Elasticsearch, Docker, React, Latte, Twig, mobile development can be also your advantage

  • enthusiasm - if you don't know something yet, but you like it, you will learn from us

Do you like our offer? Let us know! Contact personalni@ateli.cz and meet with us 🙂

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